Sunday, 9 October 2016

The Men & Women Behind the Magic

The cast of London's Aladdin, Photo by Johan Persson
We heard a lot about the incredible creative team behind Aladdin as the show premiered first in New York and then around world, and we hear a lot about the amazing casts who bring this magical show to life every night.  But what about the people behind the curtain?

Shortlist and Stylist recently went behind the scenes of the West End production of Aladdin to see just how the magic is made on stage, talking with the stars, stage and company managers and orchestra members to get a feel for what it takes to bring Agrabah to life eight shows a week!

You can read both of these great articles by clicking the links below!

The Women Creating a Whole New World

The Man Who Can Make You Fly

It takes a lot of work to create that phenomenal cosmic Genie magic every night but the results are simply wonderful.  When you hear the audience gasp and burst into applause when the magic carpet is revealed, it's just an amazing feeling and you know you're seeing something very special.

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