Thursday, 6 October 2016

5th Avenue Offers a Master Class with Don Darryl Rivera

Don Darryl Rivera at Aladdin's Opening Night, Photo from Broadway World

If you're aged 14-18, love theatre and can be in Seattle on Friday 21st October then 5th Avenue have a treat for you!

A Workshop with Don Darryl Rivera!!

Described by The 5th as "a master of physical comedy who knows how to ground his performance in truth" Don Darryl will help young performers "explore the acting skills that can make audiences laugh in delight even as they are also challenged to be true to new ideals".

If you've ever seen DDR in Aladdin (or watched some of his New Voices performances on YouTube) then you know he's a brilliant character actor, has amazing comic timing and he's one of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet so this promises to be an amazing class for all who take part!

You can get all the details at The 5th Avenue's Facebook page and website!

And make sure you check out this great new interview that Jetspace Magazine did with DDR on his move to Broadway, return to Seattle and Broadway Iago Vs Seattle Iago!

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