Saturday, 28 January 2017

James Monroe Iglehart in Concert

Fresh off his sold out solo concerts at 54 Below and in the final weeks of his Tony Award winning run as Aladdin's Genie, James Monroe Iglehart is performing in concert tonight at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in two solo shows!

You can still get tickets so if you're in the New York/New Jersey area today you don't want to miss this!  It's sure to be an incredible night of music and laughter.  You've never had a friend like him!

The Lamp is Passed on The View!

James Monroe Iglehart and Whoopi Goldberg as Genie!

Last week saw an extra special guest pay a surprise visit to Aladdin as Whoopi Goldberg took to the stage as Genie!

This week that magical moment was shared with the world as The View took viewers behind the scenes at the New Amsterdam Theatre to see how the magic was made.  Then The View played host to two extra special guests as James Monroe Iglehart and Major Attaway dropped by to discuss the passing of the magic lamp!

You can see the whole thing right here;

Watch that I just have to say Major's mom is the best!  That jumper was fantastic!

Whilst preparing for her Aladdin debut, Whoopi and James took a little time to discuss the role with Disney Theatrical's Thomas Schumacher;

I just love what he says about getting the audience to cheer for freedom and how powerful that is.

And with an extra special performance the lamp is passed;

I've been lucky enough to see both James and Major play the Genie on Broadway and I can safely say that Aladdin has got a fantastic new Genie in Major and James is certainly going to bring some magic to Hamilton!

You can still catch James Monroe Iglehart as Genie until 19th February, then from 21st February Major Attaway will be making the magic.  James will make his Hamilton debut in April.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Major Attaway is Broadway's New Genie!

Major Attaway as Genie, Photo by Disney Theatrical
There's a new Genie in town!  On February 21st Major Attaway will take over the most magical role on Broadway as Aladdin's Genie!  Major is no stranger to the role, having been Stand By Genie for the last year, and now his wish is granted as he takes on the role full-time!

He's got a big magic lamp to fill but I'm sure Major will make the role his own and give audiences all the magic they could possible wish for.  He sure did when I was fortunate enough to see him last year!

Congratulations Major, I wish you all the best for a long and magical run!

And here's wishing a warm Agrabah welcome to Deonte L. Warren to joins the cast as the new Stand By Genie and Babkak!

James Monroe Iglehart Prepares to Grant His Final Wish

James Monroe Iglehart as Genie, Photo by Disney Theatrical

I don't know why but I never thought this day would come, or maybe I just wished it wouldn't.  Disney Theatrical announced this morning that James Monroe Iglehart, who's brought the Genie to magical life since the first Seattle try out, will grant his final wish on Sunday February 19th.

So what's next for Broadway's most beloved wish granter?  Hamilton!  Yep, you'll need a real Genie to stand a chance of getting tickets to see him now!  James will take on the dual role of Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson in April (date to be confirmed) in Broadway's sold out smash hit!

But for the next month you can still catch him making magic and bring audiences to their feet in Agrabah and I would urge you to do just that.  No one makes magic quite like James Monroe Iglehart!

With both James and Adam leaving the show (or at least the Broadway production in Adam's case) it feels a bit like the end of The Return of the King and the breaking of the Fellowship.  Ok, that's probably a bit overly dramatic (unless Disney Theatrical have any more surprise announcements up their sleeve we still have original principals Courtney, Don Darryl, Jonathan and Brian from the Seattle production and Clifton who's been with the show since Toronto) but it really does feel like this is the end of an era in many ways.

James, I wish you all the best for Hamilton and can't wait to see you bring the house down in your final weeks in Agrabah!

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Adam Jacobs Taking a Magic Carpet Ride Across America

Adam Jacobs as Aladdin, Photo by Disney Theatrical

Adam Jacobs may be leaving Broadway but he's not ready to hang up his fez and vest just yet as Disney Theatrical announced on Friday that Adam will star in the first National Tour of Aladdin!

Gotta admit, after Playbill announced that Adam was leaving the Broadway production earlier this week I'm overjoyed to learn that he's going to be starring in the tour this April!  This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who couldn't make it to New York to see the original Aladdin live on stage.  You're all in for a magical show, Adam simply is Aladdin.

You can still catch Adam in the Broadway production of Aladdin through to February 12th at the New Amsterdam Theatre (and you better believe I'm looking at flight costs right now!).  The National Tour kicks off in Chicago on April 11th at the Cadillac Palace Theatre.  Tickets for both are available now at

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Telly Leung to be Broadway's Aladdin!

Well it looks like the Genie's out of the lamp on this one!  On 11th January Playbill reported that Telly Leung will be replacing Adam Jacobs as the title star of Disney's Aladdin!

Whilst Disney Theatrical have not yet confirmed Playbill's story (and if past experience is anything to go by they likely won't until the day of the cast change) some of the show's cast have already taken to social media to welcome Telly to the show so it's safe to say that he will be our next Aladdin!

No date has been announced for Telly's debut or Adam's final show but expect both some time next month when the casts' current contracts end.

Welcome to Agrabah Telly!  I wish you a magical run with the show!