Thursday, 18 July 2013

Before Broadway, Before Toronto... Aladdin Returns to Denmark!

Before Aladdin begins its pre-Broadway run in Toronto this November, the magic carpet has one last stop to make.  After producing the incredibley successful European Premiere last year, the Fredericia Teater in Denmark is once again playing host to Aladdin this summer with a new production starting tomorrow, 19th July, and running through to 20th August.

I can't confirm it, but it's extremely likely (as in almost 100% certain) that this will be the same production as last year and not the revised story/production that will debut in Toronto in a few months.  There may be some refinements from last year's premiere, but I think details of the changes being made for Broadway are being kept closely under lock and key at Disney Theatrical until November.

From what I can tell from the show's official website,, the creative team and the cast of last year's European Premiere are all returning for this encore production.  The show features;

Johannes Nymark as Aladdin
Maria Lucia Heiberg Rosenberg as Princess Jasmine
Pelle Emil Hebsgaard as Genie
Kristine Yde Eriksen as Princess Jasmine (Alternate)
Teit Samso Clausen as Babkak
Max-Emil Nissen as Omar
Kim Ace Nielsen as Kassim
Martin Loft as Jafar
Kim Brandt as Iago
Kim Leprevost as Sultan

I heard great things from people who went last year and this is likely to be the final production of the original show, so if you're able to see it then I'd urge you to do so.  Aladdin: The New Stage Musical is a fantastic show for the whole family.  Tickets are on sale at the show's website,

I'd also like to say a big thank you to Steffen for alerting me to this (longer ago than I'd care to admit).  Hope you enjoy the show as much this year as you did last!