Monday, 26 May 2014

Get Aladdin's Cast Album Early!

If you live if the US you can now purchase the digital version of the cast album from!  The rest of us have to wait until tomorrow for the official release.

Here's the track listing;

1. Overture
2. Arabian Nights
3. One Jump Ahead
4. One Jump Ahead (Reprise)
5. Proud of Your Boy
6. These Palace Walls
7. Babkak, Omar, Aladdin, Kassim
8. A Million Miles Away
9. Diamond in the Rough
10. Friend Like Me
11. Act One Finale
12. Prince Ali
13. A Whole New World
14. High Adventure
15. Somebody's Got Your Back
16. Proud of Your Boy (Reprise)
17. Prince Ali (Sultan Reprise)
18. Prince Ali (Jafar Reprise)
19. Finale Ultimo
20. Bonus Track - Proud of Your Boy
21. Bonus Track - Genie Medley

And if you can't wait, you can hear some short previews of each track at Australia's Get Music.

The bonus tracks feature Adam Jacobs (Proud of Your Boy) and James Monroe Iglehart (Genie Medley) with Alan Menken on the piano.  As for just what the Genie Medley is, I don't want to spoil the surprise but you'll know if you listen to the preview track.  I'll just say I'd buy a whole CD of this!!

The digital cast album will be available from tomorrow (27th May) with the physical album on shelves 17th June.  You can buy the physical cast album from if you live in the US and Amazon will ship internationally, but if you live in the UK I can recommend Dress Circle, a London based theatre specialty shop.  I've purchased from them before (both online and in store) and can highly recommend them.  I was even able to get a copy of the Broadway recording of Alan Menken's A Christmas Carol from them this year, their selection is that good.

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