Monday, 26 May 2014

Broadway News Round Up 5

I hope everyone has had a good Bank Holiday/Memorial Day Weekend!  Welcome to the first weekly news round up (let's see how long I can keep this up, lol).

First up this week is a very special new video that Disney Theatrical have posted on their YouTube channel - The Surprise Hit of the Season!

Jim Hill interviews James Monroe Iglehart for the Huffington Post about winning his dream role and Aladdin's long road from Seattle to Broadway.

The Wall Street Journal also takes a look at Aladdin's journey to Broadway, talking with Thomas Schumacher, Casey Nicholaw, Chad Beguelin and James Monroe Iglehart about the overhauls it went through in order to become one of the biggest hits this season.

Another positive fan review has been posted.

CBS New York has posted an article on why they feel JMI should take home the Tony Award (and oh how I hope he does!)

Times Square Chronicles talks with Casey Nicholaw and James Monroe Iglehart.

Timeout: Central Florida Entertainment Guide go to diner and back stage with Yurel Echezeretta.

Make sure you vote in the first annual Ghostlight Awards, honouring those behind the scenes who are too often overlooked.  Aladdin has nominees in the following categories;

Best Concessions/Bar Staff - Eric Pagan
Best Dance Captain - Michael Mindlin
Best Dresser - Carrie Kamerer
Best Dresser - Leslie Moulton (Leslie is Don Darryl Rivera's dresser)
Best Merchandise Seller - Heather Card
Best Merchandise Seller - Clint Escandell
Best Usher - Megan Duffy
Best Usher - Josh Garcia

Voting closes tonight so please hurry!

James Monroe Iglehart and Casey Nicholaw talk with Theater Talk;

James Monroe Iglehart talks secrets with

Courtney Reed has posted a Throwback Thursday Instagram photo of herself and Adam Jacobs from the 5th Avenue's Pilot Production of Aladdin that I'm pretty sure I've never seen before!

Adam Jacobs, James Monroe Iglehart and Casey Nicholaw talk with ABC News about Aladdin and their 1 wish.  Adam's is the most selfless but I really want JMI's wish to come true and I really, really want Casey's wish to come true (though I'd never have the cash or the room if it did!).  It's a great interview and well worth watching.  Like Casey says, this cast loves the film, loves their characters and that comes across on stage, it's what makes them the perfect cast for this.

Jonathan Freeman talks with Entertainment Weekly about Aladdin, all things Jafar and Owen Suskind's story.

Broadway's World's Backstage with Richard Ridge talks with Casey Nicholaw about Aladdin and his career so far.

And finally, congratulations to Jaz Sealey who made his debut as Kassim yesterday!

That's all for this weekend, I'll be back with another news round up next weekend but I have a few more posts coming up tonight as well!

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