Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Aladdin Returns Home & DDR Does Too!

Don Darryl Rivera is Iago in Seattle!

Aladdin is coming home!!  After an incredible run in Minneapolis Aladdin is returning to Seattle where it first premiered in 2011!

Even better, Don Darryl Rivera is coming with it!!!  Yes, DDR is returning home to play Iago!  Seattle is in for a treat!!

And so is Broadway!  Whilst Don Darryl is bringing Iago to life for his home town, Reggie De Leon will be making his Broadway debut bringing the villainous henchman to life in New York!  Congratulations Reggie!!

Aladdin will be playing at Seattle's Paramount Theatre from tomorrow through to 29th October and you can get your tickets right here!  Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to see Seattle's original Aladdin (Adam Jacobs) and original Iago share a stage again!  It's going to be magical!!!

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