Thursday, 17 August 2017

Adam Jacobs is Back!

Adam Jacobs as Aladdin, Photo by Matthew Murphy

I can't think of many posts that have made me as happy (and relieved) as this!  Adam Jacobs is back as Aladdin in Chicago!

Judging by social media I'm a little late posting this, I was hoping for some sort of official confirmation first (there's still no Aladdin listed on the official site's tour cast) and didn't want to post prematurely.

Then this happened;

Broadway in Chicago held an outdoor concert on Monday and there's Adam and Isabelle McCalla sounding fantastic singing "A Whole New World" so I think it's safe to say he's back!  And I'm overjoyed!

Welcome back Adam!  I think I speak for all the fans when I say we're so happy you're well again and back on stage where you belong.

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