Thursday, 12 January 2017

Telly Leung to be Broadway's Aladdin!

Well it looks like the Genie's out of the lamp on this one!  On 11th January Playbill reported that Telly Leung will be replacing Adam Jacobs as the title star of Disney's Aladdin!

Whilst Disney Theatrical have not yet confirmed Playbill's story (and if past experience is anything to go by they likely won't until the day of the cast change) some of the show's cast have already taken to social media to welcome Telly to the show so it's safe to say that he will be our next Aladdin!

No date has been announced for Telly's debut or Adam's final show but expect both some time next month when the casts' current contracts end.

Welcome to Agrabah Telly!  I wish you a magical run with the show!

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