Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Disney's Aladdin Officially Opens in London!

Trevor Dion Nicholas as Genie, Photo by Deen van Meer
Wow!!  I can't believe it!  Tonight is the night that Disney's Aladdin officially opens in London!!!

It was a long road to Broadway but since then it's been a whirlwind of success as Aladdin has received the fastest international rollout of any Disney Theatrical production and become the first Disney musical to transfer from Broadway to the West End since The Lion King!

I am over the moon to be in the audience tonight and can't wait to see how far this incredible cast has come since previews started a few weeks ago.  I'll be the guy in the Grand Circle jumping to his feet the moment 'Friend Like Me' ends but something tells me that won't narrow it down!

There's nothing else I can say now except good luck to everyone at the Prince Edward Theatre tonight, on stage and off.  This is your moment, you've worked hard to get here, now relax and enjoy it and your passion and energy will shine on stage.  Let's make some magic!

Dean John-Wilson & Jade Ewen as Aladdin & Jasmine, Photo by Deen van Meer

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