Thursday, 15 October 2015

The Cast of Aladdin Celebrate the Movie's Diamond Edition Release!

The Stars of Aladdin and Aladdin Broadway, Photo from Courtney Reed's Instagram
This week the cast of Disney's Aladdin on Broadway have been joining forces with the cast of the original animated classic to promote the film's US release on Blu-Ray and Digital Download with a special Diamond Edition for the film's 24th anniversary!

In addition to the fantastic original film two of the highlights of this release are Robin William's Genie Outtakes, specially animated as a tribute to the actor, and a very special feature on the Broadway show!!  I'll be honest, I have the UK release from 2013, I've ordered this just for those two features and I can't wait for it to arrive!!

Broadway World have a fantastic video interview with the cast of both that you just have to check out right here!

And make sure you check out Adam Jacobs, James Monroe Iglehart and Courtney Reed's Instagram accounts for plenty of incredible behind the scenes images of these two incredible casts meeting this week at the press event and at the show!

TheaterMania was also on hand to capture some excellent photos from the event.

To celebrate the release Aladdin's Don Darryl Rivera also shared an incredible picture of his original Aladdin VHS tape.  Kept in his dressing room this video has been signed by everyone who has worked on Aladdin and visited the New Amsterdam Theatre to see the show.  As Aladdin might say; "wow!"

Now, after 24 years I only have one question left - just what was written on that lamp?!

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