Sunday, 24 August 2014

Farewell to the Kings of New York

The Cast of Newsies

In 2011 Disney Theatrical, working with regional theatres, developed Pilot Productions of two shows.  The first was Aladdin and if you're reading this blog then chances are that you know the story behind that production.  The second was Newsies.

Like Aladdin, Newsies was based on a 1992 Disney musical and the Pilot Production, produced at the Papermill Playhouse, was not intended for Broadway.  Like Aladdin, the intention was for Newsies to be a licensable production for professional and amateur regional groups who had long been requesting an official stage version of the musical from Disney and MTI.  Like Aladdin, the fans of Newsies had other ideas and support for the Papermill's Pilot Production was overwhelming.  And, unlike Aladdin, the Newsies had the critics on their side.  Within a month of closing in New Jersey it was announced that Newsies would be carrying the banner all the way to Broadway in March 2012.

Originally announced as a limited run of 101 performances the fans once again turned out in overwhelming support for Newsies that saw it's limited run extended to an open ended stay on Broadway.

Today, after 1005 performances, the Newsies will take their final bow on Broadway.

I was lucky enough to see this fantastic show when I went to New York earlier this year.  It's a great night at the theatre and the choreography is incredible.  If you have the chance I would highly recommend seeing the US Tour which starts in October.

Today, I just want to wish the cast and crew a fabulous closing show and congratulations on their record breaking run.  Farewell, Kings of New York.

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