Sunday, 10 August 2014

Broadway News Round Up 13

Hi everyone!  A very short news update this weekend as the last one was only posted on Wednesday and I'm giving JMI's vlog episodes their own posts.  This week it's all about supporting good causes.

It's not often we get an Aladdin #SIP but Courtney Reed posted one yesterday, dedicated to #smileyforkylie.  This isn't the first time Courtney has shown her support for young Kylie
(two months ago she and Adam Jacobs posted this picture) and it's incredibly heart warming to see members of the theatre community coming together to help a young girl through dark days.

And last week Aladdin's Marisha Wallace took part in the Broadway Sings for The Trevor Project concert, raising money to help provide crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBT young people aged 13-24 .  Theater Mania was there was to capture photos from the event.

Short but sweet this week.  It seems every week I'm writing about a member of the Aladdin cast doing something for a good cause and the shorter nature of this post has really helped to focus my attention on it.  It's amazing to read these stories every week about people who are going out of their way to support good causes and actually do good in the world.  Aladdin is a show about magic but this is magically in a different way, it's heart warming and serves to remind us that though we often hear about the worst side of humanity (all you need to do is turn on the news) there are people out there who are good and trying to make the world a better place, whether that's by raising money for a good cause or just helping someone to smile, it makes a difference.

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