Thursday, 30 June 2011

Am I Sultan or am I Sultan!

Sean G. Griffin spoke briefly with Q13 Arts Around this morning on playing the Sultan in Aladdin: The New Stage Musical.

You can see the video here.

A few years ago I never thought Disney would bring Aladdin to stage, now the show is only 1 WEEK away from opening!  Seriously, if you have the chance to go, make sure you go!  This is a dream cast for the show and if Disney sticks to its original plan, this will be your one chance to see a Disney produced version of the show before they license it out.  Tickets are on sale here and the show opens NEXT WEEK!

I'm expecting the next month to be extremely busy as the show opens and more images, videos and reviews are released, so stay tuned, it's gonna be one fantastic magic carpet ride!


  1. Also, on the 5th Avenue theatre facebook page, they told me Iago is human rather than parrot

  2. I just heard the same thing myself from James Monroe Iglehart's interview with director Casey Nicholaw.

    Surprising choice, I'm looking forward to hearing what they do with the part.

  3. Indeed, I wonder what Iago's personality will be like, will it be calm and collected like the original concept during his "Sinbad" days (Iago's original name was Sinbad during production), his loud personality during the movie, or some strange combination of both...Sadly, I will have to wait for an illegal youtube feed, btw I found out how humiliate the boy and the Prince Ali reprise can possibly work, by doing humiliate the boy and then having Jafar appear after Aladdin is exposed for what he truly is, leaving way for Prince Ali Reprise to occur (I did a stop motion version of Aladdin similar to the stage show when I was 12)

  4. I'm hoping for the movie personality (I just love the character), but I'm open to change as long as it's done well, and everything so far has been done very well so I'm not worried ;)

    I'm hoping that The 5th will release a lot of video previews during the shows run so people like us can have a taste of what we're missing, but after Casey Nicholaw's comment in the Seattle Times I'm crossing my fingers that this show's future could be bigger than just being licensed out...

    That could work! I really hope they do use Humiliate the Boy as it was Howard Ashman and Alan Menken's last song together, so I'd love to see it brought to life on stage.

  5. Yep yep yep, this 17 year old american boy is one smart guy that had the idea long before the stage musical was even thought of, in fact, once I am done remastering it, I could send you a copy of my stop motion aladdin through email, but right now I am currently reshooting it to make it closer to 5th avenue's concept (so bye bye abu and rajah, hello Babkak omar and kassim)

  6. I call it now "Aladdin, Director's cut"

  7. That sounds like a really cool project! Thanks for the offer, I'd love to see it when it's complete!

    I keep hoping that Disney will release the story board version of the original story as a bonus feature on the next DVD/Blu-Ray but the chances of that are pretty much nothing!