Wednesday, 10 January 2018

One Last Night for Broadway's Princess

Courtney Reed as Princess Jasmine, Photo by Cylla Von Tiedemann

I keep telling myself that this isn't the end.  That Courtney still has one more month as Jasmine, reuniting with Adam Jacobs and Michael James Scott at Hollywood Pantages Theatre for the final leg of her Disney journey.  This isn't the end.  But it is an ending.  Tonight, Courtney Reed will play her last Broadway performance and take her final bow at the New Amsterdam Theatre after four incredible years as Broadway's original Princess Jasmine.

What can I say about Courtney that I haven't said before?  She is one of nicest, kindest people you could ever meet.  She's so incredibly giving to everyone, just look at all the social media memories that are pouring out today from fans, friends and cast mates alike.  And I'm biased but she's also the greatest Jasmine you'll ever see.  It breaks my heart that Jane and I couldn't be there to support her in person for this performance, but we're totally there in spirit (yes Courtney, I'm definitely crying along with you tonight!)

Tonight isn't the end.  It's a celebration of an incredible journey that's lasted 10 years!  From early workshops to Seattle Pilots, from Toronto previews to Broadway success, to launching her own business to singing at the White House.  Like her journey, Courtney is truly remarkable.  Tonight is a celebration of that journey so far. And once that final bow comes next month, I can't wait to see where she'll go in the future.

Enjoy tonight Courtney, I hope it's magical

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