Wednesday, 6 July 2016

It Began on a Dark Night...

Adam Jacobs as Aladdin, Photo by Mark Kitaoka

Talk about Throwback Thursday!  Five years ago tonight Aladdin: The New Stage Musical had it's very first preview performance at Seattle's 5th Avenue Theatre!

Back then Broadway really was a million miles away and an international roll out like the show's having now was likely beyond everyone's wildest dreams.

I'll have a full look back at the 5th's Pilot Production on the anniversary of the show's official opening (21st July) but for now I just want to say how happy I am that the show has come so far.  Five years ago I never would have dreamed that Aladdin would be in it's third record breaking year on Broadway (featuring many of Seattle's principal cast members!) or that I would be able to see show in my own country!  Talk about wishes being granted!

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