Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The Music Beyond the Magic 2 - Don Darryl Rivera

Don Darryl Rivera, Photo by Broadway World

I hadn't planned to do another Music Beyond the Magic post until the weekend but I just really wanted to post this one!

This is the video that inspired me to start doing these posts.  When Don first shared this on Twitter it just cracked me up.  Whether that says more about Don's fantastic performance and comic timing or my twisted sense of humour I'll let you be the judge!  Oh, and on that note, probably better to say this one's maybe not suited for the kids!  Sure there's no language but it is a song about a stalker so there's that!

Here's Don singing "To Excess" at Contemporary Classics' New Voices 7 in 2009

If you found this as brilliant as I did then make sure you check out his other New Voices videos on YouTube!  I'll be featuring them in future Music Behind the Magic posts but why wait?!

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