Sunday, 5 April 2015

Ending the Tale of Your Poor Balladeer

Michael Arden and Ciara Renee as Quasimodo and Esmeralda, Photo by Matthew Murphy
Tonight the cast of The Hunchback of Notre Dame will take their final bow as the Paper Mill Playhouse's production reaches the end of its run.

Since I posted my review the other day it has sadly been confirmed that this production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame will not be transferring to Broadway.  That doesn't mean it won't come to Broadway someday (Aladdin had it's Pilot Production in 2011 and didn't come to Broadway until 2014 following several additional, non-Disney, regional and international productions) but it won't be making a fast transfer like many, including myself, hoped for.  So this is it.  Two more chances to see this glorious production.  If you can, go.  You'll be glad that you did.

For myself I'm so glad I had the opportunity to see this show.  Michael Arden, Patrick Page, Ciara Renee, Andrew Samonsky, Erik Liberman, everyone in the incredible ensemble and choir, the creative team and everyone who helps bring this show to life, thank you so much for this moving and inspirational piece of theatre.  It's an experience that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.  Thank you, and all the best for the future, whatever it may hold.

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