Friday, 20 March 2015

Disney's Aladdin Celebrates One Year on Broadway

Happy anniversary to the Aladdin family!

Has it really been a whole year already?  It certainly doesn't feel that long!  I still have vivid memories of sitting down in the New Amsterdam Theatre, the overture beginning to play and the stage curtain pulling away to reveal a hilarious Genie and all the heroes and villains of Agrabah.  That was March 19th, the day the show was finally locked.  March 20th was the real celebration as the casts' friend, family and peers filled the audience to celebrate the show's official opening on Broadway.  They and the critics agreed, Aladdin was Disney's latest masterpiece.

I was fortunate enough to see the show twice that week.  It was everything I ever wanted it to be.  My favourite childhood film brought to life on stage with the "lost" songs of Howard Ashman restore to their rightful place.

To help celebrate this anniversary I asked Disney Theatrical if any of the Aladdin cast would be willing to share any special memories they had of this first year.  Ariel Reid very kindly agreed and shared this incredible memory;

"One of my favorite memories of the show is from the night of the Tony awards. We had just performed on the broadcast, and we raced back to the New Amsterdam Theater in order to watch James' category. We didn't have enough time to fully change so most of us were in our robes and wig caps, and we all crammed into Adam Jacobs' dressing room to watch on TV. When they announced the category and nominees you could hear a pin drop. When they announced James as the winner we all collectively started screaming and crying and hugging and jumping for joy for our Genie! It was one of the most exhilarating moments at Aladdin for me.  And that is what makes this show special: the love that we share for each other and the support that we provide for each other."

Tony Award Winner James Monroe Iglehart, Photo by Getty Images
Thanks Ariel, I wish you and the entire Aladdin family an incredible first anniversary and hope it's just the first of many magical years on Broadway!

Happy anniversary everyone!

Adam Jacobs and Courtney Reed as Aladdin and Jasmine, Photo by Matthew Murphy

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  1. Very happy anniversary to the Aladdin family! I have been to Disney's Aladdin. It’s an amazing place to visit. Well, my kids are forcing me to get the tickets for Disney themed NYC events that are going to be held in next month. I wonder if you have details regarding those events!