Sunday, 6 July 2014

Broadway News Round Up 10

Adam Jacobs and Courtney Reed as Aladdin and Jasmine, Photo by Deen Van Meer

Aladdin is going from strength to strength as Deadline reports that the final week of June was its best since opening on Broadway, bringing in a staggering $1,623,495!

As the hype of opening and the Tony Awards dies down these news updates will probably get a bit shorter but hopefully that'll give me more time to do some original content in the near future.  For this week;

Liberty Voice took a look at James Monroe Iglehart's portrayal of the Genie and how the character was translated from screen to stage, whilst the man himself spoke with Playbill about the role.

Jasmine's original singing voice Lea Salonga saw the show and visited the cast back stage and Playbill was there to capture the photos (and the cast themselves have posted more on Twitter).

Adam Jacobs and Courtney Reed teamed up with to answer fans questions and took People's Co-Star Challenge.

And that's it for this week!!


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  2. Hello! Love your blog! Are you aware of any vacations on 7/27? I use your blog to plan! ;-)

    1. Hi Jacqueline, really glad you like the blog!

      I can only cover what the cast have posted on social media but I'm not aware of any vacations on that date (I'm guessing that also covers Jonathan Freeman as The Standbys are normally really good at posting when Merwin Foard will be on as Jafar).

      Hope you have a great time at the show!

    2. Thank you! Merwin is awesome!