Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Aladdin's Media Day Round Up

Last week the cast of Aladdin made two very special appearances on ABC television.  Appearing live direct from Broadway's New Amsterdam Theatre they performed the show's opening number Arabian Nights on "Good Morning America" and the second act opener Prince Ali on "The View".

I'm sure that most of you have probably seen the videos already (and if you live in the US you were probably lucky enough to see them live on TV) but they're certainly worth watching again!

First up, GMA went behind the scenes to meet the cast and even learn some of the dance moves from the show;

Then came a very special live performance of Arabian Nights!

Now for some reason (which I honestly can't figure out) The View's live performance of Prince Ali is region locked.  If you live in the US you can view the performance here.  And if you don't, well there's always YouTube;

I wouldn't normally dream of posting an unofficial YouTube video of footage from the show but since this was a specially recorded performance that has been aired on TV for promotional purposes I think it's ok to make an exception.  Hopefully the official, higher quality version will be uploaded to Disney Theatrical's YouTube channel sooner rather than later so we can all enjoy it as it should be seen.

That night ABC's "Nightline" went behind the scenes with Director/Choreographer Casey Nicholaw and the cast;

There some fantastic footage of both behind the scenes and the show itself in the Nightline video and I think Casey sums up the show when he agrees that it does have a raised eyebrow, "it's a fun night and it's a fable".

But that wasn't the end to Aladdin's media frenzy as Courtney Reed also stopped by CBS's "The Couch" to talk about the show;

That's it for the media day round up!  This weekend I'll be doing a massive news round up trying to catch up with everything I missed whilst I was away and over the Easter break including the reviews!

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