Wednesday, 14 August 2013

D23's Got Your Back!

As most people who read this blog will probably know, last weekend was Disney's D23 Expo and on Friday night a small group of past Disney Theatrical stars gathered together to put on a special Broadway and Beyond concert celebrating all of Disney's Broadway productions past and present.

After performing songs from everything from Beauty and the Beast through to Newsies (including rarely heard pieces from King David and Der Glockner von Notre Dame) the night ended with a look to the future as the cast performed the new song "Somebody's Got Your Back" from Aladdin.

I was planning on posting the video here, but I've since learned that the event was strictly no cameras allowed and most of the videos have already been removed, presumably at Disney's request.  What I hope is ok for me to share with you is the new and improved logo for the show.

Sorry for the picture quality but a YouTube screen shot is the best available right now as the official site and Facebook page haven't been updated with this yet.  As you can see the colour scheme remains largely the same (the logo looks slightly more yellow than gold now) but the font has changed from a standard font to one that looks much more Aladdin.  Definitely a change for the better!

That's all for this time, but the rumours over on the Broadway World message board seem to indicate that casting may be announced later this month so I hope to have an update for you real soon.


  1. i´ve heard that ashley brown will be cast in the ny production

  2. Thanks Andrew, I've heard a lot of casting rumours lately which is why I've not been posting them, but that's a new one. I'm guessing she'd be Jasmine if it's true, and I'm sure she'd be amazing. I've never had the pleasure of seeing her live but I love her A Change in Me from On the Record and thought she was great in the bits of the D23 Broadway and Beyond evening I was able to see.

    Personally I'm still hoping for Courtney Reed to come back (along with Adam Jacobs and the rest of the original cast). Fingers crossed we hear something official sooner rather than later.