Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Official Website Launched for European Premiere

Steffen has very kindly drawn my attention to the newly launched website for the upcoming European Premiere of Aladdin: The New Stage Musical, which will be held at the Fredericia Teater in Denmark from the 4th October until the 11th November this year.

The website can be found at and I highly recommend checking it out a lot over the coming months as it's clear there's going to be a lot more content added as the show gets further into production.

Right now there's a video introducing Johannes Nymark (Aladdin) and an updated cast list;

Johannes Nymark as Aladdin
Maria Lucia Heiberg Rosenberg as Princess Jasmine
Kristine Provide Erikson as Princess Jasmine (Alternate)
Pelle Emil Hebsgaard as Genie
Teit Samsoe Clausen as Babkak
Max Emil Nissen as Omar
Kim Ace Nielsen as Kassim

The castings for Jafar and the Sultan are still to be announced.

Tickets are now on sale from the website. Steffen has his and I look forward to hearing all about the show once he's seen it!


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  2. Here's a small video from the first week of Danish rehearsals (interviews …in Danish… with the theater manager and Genie)

  3. Btw, here's a clip from a Danish TV show where Maria Lucia, who plays Jasmine, sings "Somewhere over the Rainbow" :-)